Asked towers and hills

In the Chai Ping Zhen an innumerable mountains and valleys, only one peak, set in beautiful, steep in a body, because the shape like a pagoda towering, cloud filled year-round named tower yunshan. From the Ming Dynasty, in the late Qing Dynasty, Sheng in the Republic of China continuation of incense and a strong culture of Taoism is the Shaanxi, Sichuan, Hubei, Henan Province believers respected etc.. Three March of each year from all sides of the temple, pilgrims gathered here, incense burning, firecrackers, a voice and a bell, Muyu sound, sound of chanting, as good as a secular and transcendental symphony.
In the early summer, after the rain, which rise amid blue, rich in negative oxygen ions in the air gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. And three two friends ibid tower Yunshan, intended to board the legendary "Golden Summit", in appreciation of risk you refined natural beauty at the same time, feel the culture of Taoism, to borrow a phrase slogan is "asked tower Yunshan, dream big in Qinling Mountains".
"Jinding" is commonly known as aloof Tayun Teli steep mountain, built on top there is a temple called "a Buddism godness Guanyin Temple", covers an area of less than 6 square metres, a straight face, three suspended, legend has it made for a Buddism godness Guanyin bodhisattva. This card can narrow steep to build temples, if not extraordinary as if done by the spirits, can also be called Art beats nature., like helps. Temple eaves angle of four tall, all linked to a small bell, the mountain too, Ding Dong, such as playing music. Temple ridge ends become warped, decorated with carved dragon, simple and elegant. The middle with brass casting tip, a pagoda shaped, sunlight, glittering, think that "Jinding" appellation of reason. The cramped, two people inside turned a few can touch the nose. Only consecrate Guanyin Bodhisattva and two boys, smile without words to enjoy the world of fireworks and the worship of believers. The temple head stone carving a dragon, flying up and down, vivid, embody the ancient exquisite carving skills. Door sales script "Tower Mountain" several characters, a solemn touch. On both sides of the door couplets "bodhi tree stone long shadow people tianbai years old; flowers covered bowl full of incense, the world three thousand" Chinese Zen let me wait for ordinary people can have feelings, but not deep will. Standing on the steps outside the temple, hand chains trembling with fear to probe overlooking the valley, but see a precipice, dense, can not help but his hair stood on end, close eyes dare not look again, until the return of the mid levels looking back, only repeatedly called a miracle. Since the "Jinding" down there "were a temple door" "Sin Tong" "founder Dian" "Niangniang Temple" Temple "civilian" "Temple" "Ling Guan Temple" "homes corpse Temple" and other buildings, plus storage ZuoHua Road remains "jade tower" and open square at the "Tower of cloud Fairy Museum", these rich color of Taoism of ancient buildings is the mountain became a Taoist mountains.
In the mountain angle corner, met an old Taoist mountain, over 60, cap the Tsing Yi, pose as a person of high morals, we learn from the conversation, in the mountains while the Taoist priest has been in decades, not only through hard after, Taoist Association certification, and the government also issued a grant of life, food and clothing temperature full worry free, with Taoist doctrine education level, Purdue beings. Although the brave the wind and dew, alchemy furnace repair, help people in distress Qixing feat, single is a few years like a day care forest and the hundreds of years of buildings is also merit infinite.
Along the newly built step to walk down the hill, along the way Ancient trees tower to the skies., To Nariki, stone strange, seeing Yamahana brilliant, green and unrestrained, heard the cool breeze, Greenfield bursts. Occasionally birds Feiming trees, squirrels playing with each other, mind unexpectedly smug, swing about, until the two things I forgot. Immediate turn out some scenically beautiful place of residence, the crane fly deer with practice, Shenwu bitter, long period of heaven quickly. Only know the world more illness and death, natural cycle of the moon, I do not know the world and love and hate with the pain, power struggle of the bitter fame.
Tao also road, imitation of nature. Why to ask road, road in the heart.  

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Attendants and smoke old, elegant hold fragrant flowers

Spring twilight, shallow summer green, forest flowers Xie Chunhong, even the last rose is also zero face, only branches of a wild profusion of vegetation. The eye of a green, less brilliant purples and reds embellishment, just like a song, a little jumping notes, although the gorgeous, but is just a bit less vivid rhythm of people.
Cool breeze blowing, I began to walk toward the river rise. From afar Cuiguan canopy, leaf luxuriant time, scattered on the ground spring mottled memory. Near the front, a glance, the man Po Di pale yellow bitter cauliflower, among the bushes so wanton open. These bitter body cramped out flowers swaying in the wind, the fingernail sized flowers, one by one, open up. Huang as pigment, fragrance so fine. At the moment, I don't want to praise her magnificent words, it would miss her. She opens the Qing Xi, love passionate land, do not want to miss their own flowering, indulge in self-admiration, only in their own hearts, let wisps of youth without regret.
The heart is the nature of a man, the heart is happy, is happy. As these small bitter cauliflower, without soil, too poor, let the heart is a beautiful and peaceful, if the wind and rain, but also bring a Jian Jing beautiful frames in the heart, always believe that each scenery is beautiful, because that beauty comes from psychology. The sky Yunjuanyunshu, review the vicissitudes of life, leisurely, not looking at the high temple, be neither humble nor pushy, even Hua Xiaoru dust, also want to carry a cool breeze rhyme, tidbits of light, there is a direction of the heart. In the vast world of mortals, more elegant, a less flashy, more simple, less of a complex, with calm and calm feeling, with open, Enron itself.
No one today and I together to see the flowers, there are few people appreciate her youth. I was so stupid looking at, look into the eye, in love, in my mind. She had shed the seed of love, also opened a fresh and elegant lines, although few people stop and no one appreciate, but she didn't live up to his own life, leave indifferent spring, all flowers, but in a world of her own self opening self pleasing, their beautiful bloom. The love is a hard, flowers have been the people loved, will not leave a sigh in the old time, even a tiny flowers, a small child, also is in the life the beautiful memory, not the old melody.
The hustle and bustle of worldly things complicated, the heart is also impetuous. Only stay in a quiet, a quiet mind, look up at the sky clouds elegant posture, head to see a flower in full bloom in the natural taste, Zhong Ling Yuk sau. On the landscape of a cup of tea can be concentrated, a wine can be light, a love can be deep or shallow, prosperous three thousand, finally all return to the dust has settled, not forget is that a beginner's mind, a light mist, the heart if the plain Jane, can be as boundless as the sea and sky, can also clear.  

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Manual time

A few days ago in a group, several people asked me, "said Shenzhen University how, are ranked in the top 100". So I went to have a look at the latest university rankings, the Shenzhen University ranked in 98 place, while in her former one is Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. I look at the ranking according to the index, is nothing more than a scientific training, personnel training, comprehensive reputation index, but behind these data are from a few tenths. Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and Shenzhen University are two different types of schools, one is financial colleges, is a comprehensive university. Light on this several data don't compare. It's like I want to ask you, in the NBA James. Or O'neal. They play in a different position, the light from scoring, rebounds, steals, blocks, errors and so on these data there is no comparison. There are many aspects that we can not use the data reflected, the player's passing ability, brings in the defensive pressure to other players in the paint, leadership role in the critical moment. To some extent, these important aspects is the data does not come out. (as far as I know, the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics compared with the Shenzhen University, not after a qualifying can.)
The Three Gorges Dam, when you attempt to digital calculating gains and losses, which is difficult to be measured things are often ignored. You can calculate the amount of power, but how do you measure people see their homes flooded complex mood, migrate, perhaps more invisible species disappear, the destruction of vegetation loss? Like the GDP rankings, we are concerned about our motherland GDP, even in the China GDP became the world's second, our pride arise spontaneously and even some expansion. Small Japan what, this is not to be down? But in the Chinese inside, we indulge in elaborating on the city GDP rankings, but officials have to rise in the official world, how many heroes to gdp. If GDP is the tournament arena garden after their.
A university learning atmosphere, campus culture, students and teachers of academic exchanges, in the social culture and people's hearts value status and so on, these "soft" data is the data do not show up. But it is precisely the employment rate of 98, how many million copies of books in the library... These data appeared in college recruit students general rules. Why don't they just write the employment rate of 100. I think the employment rate of 100 is not convincing, Chinese often like to stay a little space was convincing. Like when we choose the class cadre, full ticket is often the teacher says we are not modest, how can he choose, then the class cadre position for the votes of second. Don't say the employment rate of 100 can not, 200 may. Just like I did when practice, took the company's chapter and students where the company's chapter, whatever their pressure. I think, in the school didn't do what contribution, leaving the total what to do for her, for her "face" pull forward. Hence the employment rate of the school year 98, even during the financial crisis, in addition to county adult son not unemployment, our school's one-time employment rate is still 98. And about how many books, I think everyone is clear. If one day you write a few of the martial arts fantasy novel, you can give them to his alma mater, the alma mater of course will take it.
Once the college entrance examination time, I also secretly flipping through a thick various university rankings. Of course, I don't have to weigh the which school last row of the former point, also save trouble. Because my score ranked far behind the school ranking. Don't choose, if schools do not abandon me, why I dislike the school.
China even all over the world like to make ranking: China rich list, the National University Campus Belle list, each city GDP rankings, the world's tallest building list... The ranking is nothing more than a social emotional development, is a kind of vanity and interests "kidnapping, like the Baidu inside the Webpage. Once I also secretly "narrow" ranking concerned about their school, and wondering why also row than XX school low. Later, I gradually understand, leadership concern, often is not our concern, because it is tied to the interests of the leadership. We don't have to a piece of scenery culture area was built commercial housing like, low-income housing and empty sigh, or useless regrets, since even the leaders do not care, what have we left, we also used. Not used, also always used.  

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start buying wholesale merchandise

A dollar store supplier is someone who sells products at a wholesale price to dollar and dollar plus stores. These suppliers often times buy their items in bulk at a very reasonable rate and are able to pass their savings on to their customers. Most people are aware that retail stores buy wholesale merchandise, but what they aren't aware of is that this opportunity is available to the general public as well. You can keep so much extra money in your pocket by purchasing wholesale merchandise yourself directly from a dollar store supplier, and not letting retail stores mark up these items to make a profit from you. Why wouldn't you choose to order the same premium products you see in the store everyday for a much lower price?凹凸洞

If you do decide to stop paying retail and start buying wholesale merchandise, there are a few things you will want to remember. First, the easiest way to shop from a dollar store supplier is to find one online. When looking for a reputable dealer, you will want to browse their products and see what they have to offer you. A good wholesaler will offer thousands of products in many different categories, making it easy for you to find what you need at a price you can afford. You will also want to check out minimum order requirements and shipping policies and prices. Some companies require a minimum order, either a certain number of items or a certain price, while others don't. There are also shipping charges to worry about. The majority of companies are fairly reasonable, but some charge extremely high shipping prices. If you get a great bargain, but have to pay a small fortune to ship it, then you're not really saving any money after all. If you take a little time to do some research, you're sure to find a dealer that can offer you a great selection from the convenience of your own home, all while saving you a ton of money.tom ford sunglasses

Hopefully, now you can see that you can get almost any product you need for much less than you would pay at any store. Buying wholesale merchandise is a great way to save money without having to give up anything that you really enjoy. So, what are you waiting for. Start browsing for a reputable dollar store supplier and start saving money today!樓按  

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eventually with people

A good woman, there are many helpless, he loves her, she loved him, eventually with people who do not love each other, the two people love each other but not to sleep with the pillow. If the affinity, can come together is fate, do not care about the fate of depth and life together, in the most ordinary Chunhua Qiushi, gazing at the pool of clear spring slowly old; if no, then bless each other, met him want to meet the people in the depths of red dust, and then quietly waiting for that a tree flowers.external sound card
I don't know, their ultimate destination is where, do not know will not have personal in the peach bloom season promise me about five years? I don't want to guess, also do not want to assume that unsuccessful outcome. Life is long, too much met things, too many painful things, don't want to embarrass yourself when you have no choice. Bloom, flower also sometimes, but different, do not know what time can the love with vigour and vitality back, also don't know what you can still see the courtyard deep long, the only thing you can do is follow the steps forward, red dust, revel and security Dream beauty pro.
That was a time of Cambridge love, leave the imagination in many people's mind, pure and free from vulgarity as Bailian clear Lin Whei-yin met this man established in the foggy London, poetic and romantic Xu Zhimo. Together they handle through the mist in the water to Cambridge, Cambridge romantic ways, discussed poetry in the quiet, build a curtain. They are so good, is also the world of mortals are gifted scholars and beautiful ladies. But fate ultimately failed to fulfil them, when they are in the love of the cruel, stabbed two people in the world of mortals baishang. A turned to Mo however each other, hating the world too ruthless, or blame love is not deep? However, it is not, then a good love like the butterflies fly but the sea, each other are tried, but secular face, ultimately unable to change the outcome. The butterfly was tired, but she had no regrets, that section of Cambridge love gave her new feeling, although the pain, but at least she deeply loved.
Lin Whei-yin know, they love each other, but not together; so she turned away, revel and security, to meet the mate, Liang Sicheng. Although Liang Sicheng not Xu Zhimo good, Xu Zhimo does not have romantic talent, but he gave Lin Whei-yin the life peacefully.Introduction of Silk Ribbon Embroidery
Sometimes, do not care too much, from a love in turn, not don't love, but not love, even if it is about five years, also waste about. She could not respond to his oath, he also can not afford such a commitment. So dashing away, along the stranger, slowly.
Gently paved a smell of flowers, quiet and elegant, let the mind flying, fleeing the field with love and hate, under the white clouds, into a mist, dissipated in the sky; perhaps eventually reunited, but without care, meet again each other will be less original rough, stay the years is only a deep well.
The lofty, a wrong step in life, is to regret lifelong, not grasping the cliff, watching endless prosperity, a little thought seems to have all, but I do not know to have all gone. Life is like a dream, a thousand sails, just want to in the red corner a tree peach blossom open, waiting for the man who comes quietly.
Don't want to be too complicated, do not want too too persistent once, but Ann with fate, with dust on Mo, do not want to wait for about five years, just in the tree under the flower count once, burying the past; looking at the slowly approached that a white man, binocular with eyes, a deep eyes dim is life.  

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DFA has issued a warning

This chicken treat for dogs is usually made from chicken breasts, tube amp which is high in protein and low in fat. This makes it not just an appetizing treat but a healthy one as well. Because it is high in protein, it does not have to be added with gluten. Gluten is a protein that comes from certain grains, and it may cause an allergic reaction in dogs, which is usually followed by skin and digestive disorders.

Moreover, you may have noticed that the country where the treat is made is specified. The reason for this is that chicken jerky treats made in the USA are proven safe HKUE DSE. On the other hand, those made in China should be avoided as the DFA has issued a warning against them. This is because several chicken jerky products that are made in China have been reported to cause illnesses or even death in dogs that consumed them. That is why checking the label of a product is very important when buying the treat.

There are certain things that you have to consider when you want to give your dog a chicken jerky treat besides checking the label, though University partnership can bring together the strengths of both tertiary institutions in research, technology development and application, and last but not least, education in nurturing future generations. . Make sure that you do not give it to him whenever you or he pleases - free-feeding as big no-no. Also, even though the treat is low in calorie, make sure you adjust his diet as you do not want him to consume more calories than he needs.  

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Industrious hard-working

Every morning, you can see a hard-working figure, although her back is no longer straight, legs are not so neatly, and a head of white hair, a moment full years mark face, embroidered badgesbut the old lady with a young man didn't work, she diligently cultivated land in front of the house a, eggplant, pepper and green vegetables, each to go there, I will enjoy this piece of the city rare vegetable, see my memory somersault in the mind. The old lady also keeps a group of duck and goose, every morning can hear the poultry sounds, it is in the city of agricultural college! The old lady every day before dawn to get up, feed the chickens, and cleaning up their front yard, she carefully cleaning, carefully feeding, so hardworking!
Now think about the people and less on a generation of the kind of hardships hardworking spirit! Every morning in bed, the alarm does not ring, never wake up, even if the ring, according to sleep, everything is fleeting, but sleep is commendable, seeing the work time is up, rubbed his sleepy eyes, wash yawn squinting, brushing your teeth, too late to eat breakfast, bought two the steamed stuffed bun also to eat on the run, maybe this time really awake! You may say that I go to work every day are not hard-working? All day long the scorching sun like a grandson like to call customers do not work? What's wrong with a bed in the morning? Also harm my breakfast do not eat well, and this time pressure ah! Yes, you're right, but who you are human? For the people you will be trouble, but also is every day so the normal work, you complain, complain to high heaven, is our generation is made of steel,Introduction of Wood Spindle Machine Woven Label never get tired, do not know the pain, even if they do not have enough to eat, wear not warm, but also everyday Richuerzuo, sunset and return, the old Red Army those on a generation, the shuttle in a hail of bullets in all day, what they have, what bitter to eat, we modern people have experienced these. * * also said, is this meaning, no matter what time should have the spirit of work hard and perseveringly. The ancients said "efficiency comes from diligence., and shortage in the Xi" also has its reason. Someone says, the times are different, and now days are relatively rich, why so hard-working, hard-working. But only work hard and perseveringly, diligence and innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for social steady development!
Hard work and a good, hardworking people in good health, to have some exercise every day, natural good appetite, body good, but also not to overwork, the body also has bearing limit, with the best service! We modern people are in the sub healthy state, lack of exercise, some people insomnia seriously, if you every day a little hard, do more, distract you, and you don't make blind and disorderly conjectures, a good night's sleep! Most people feel boring, because that is why you're all right? No, it is because you are lazy, can't find something to do!有機農場  

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Those who browse the websites

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take their vehicles to these car service agencies for any minor or major repair work. These firms are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and other


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